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SKCDC Roadmap Region Listening Sessions Project

The South King County Discipline Coalition in collaboration with the Office of the Education Ombuds is hosting a series of listening sessions. Our focus area is the Roadmap Region as defined by CCER. Our goal is to elevate the Black, Indigenous, Pacific Islander, and Latinx community voices in the conversation about ongoing reform to public school systems that serve our communities. We recognize that systemic racism causes harm to Black, Indigenous, Pacific Islander, and Latinx students and families in the public school system. 

These listening sessions provide an opportunity for parents and students to not only share their experiences but also share insights on ways to make measurable improvements in areas that historically have had a detrimental impact and has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grounding our collaboration in the People's Institute for Survival and Beyond's Anti-Racist Principles. In our relationships with the School Districts of the Roadmap Region and other organizations we are committed to not perpetuating White Supremacy Culture



  • Connect with each District Individually and propose they partner on hosting Listening Sessions

  • Schedule based on the school board's and superintendents’ interest and availability.

  • Schedule three meetings per district:

The first meeting asked students and families to respond to guiding questions. School and district representatives were asked to just listen.

The second meeting was a community-only space to give feedback and surface concerns not adequately covered in the first meeting.

The third meeting was a space for the school district to inform the community on ways to partner with the school district and how the school district intended to be accountable to the community voice.



  • Connect with community members, organizations, and the school districts.

  • Offer participation-based stipends to community members, students, and notetakers for participation.

  • Invite stakeholders from all districts to attend the selected dates and have a breakout room for each district.

  • Have separate listening session events for youth/students and parents/adults.

  • Schedule three meetings for youth/students and three meetings for parents/adults:

The first meeting will be a space for the community to express grievances, call out what is missing, and say what solutions they have yet to see implemented.

The second meeting will be a space for:

Community Organizations to share how they're going to take ownership in being accountable to the community with us.

The Community to give feedback on the 1st Listening Session, and continue to lead the shaping of how 'the work' is moved.

The third meeting will be asking the community, if they could develop a training what would it be. 

Image by Ashkan Forouzani

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Earn one raffle ticket per person who lists your name for how they heard about the event in their registration (1) AND they actually attend (2). ​


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